The best bits for your brain: this week's top 5 reads & listens - episode 14

The best bits for your brain: this week's top 5 reads & listens - episode 14

Around the interwebs and across the audiosphere, here's this week's most delicious content. Shortcut your way to creating successful habits, learn practical marketing tips and more.

#1 Essential Watch - How Amazon is Dismantling Retail

Amazon is more than you think, as Scott Galloway details in this video. The tech giant is unlike any other company in the world, with an operating system and philosophy truly embedded in innovation, not profit.

#1 Best Read - 7 life skills everyone should learn — and 13 books that teach them

Mastery begins with the mindset of forever being the student, forever in student mode.

The list presented in this article could be life changing or life enhancing.

Best quote - "While there's sometimes no substitute for lived experience, there are also plenty of books that can save you a whole lot of heartache by teaching you basic skills that lots of young people end up learning way later than they should."

#2 Best Read - The Rise and (Maybe) Fall of Influencers

Pepsi's social activist ad backfired badly. Some of the blame was pointed at Kendall Jenner, one of the word's biggest influencers.

Pepsi, however, is not alone. There have been other marketing mistakes, with the wrong content and wrong influencer driving the message.

As this article from The New York Times predicts, the consequence will lead to likely changes in influencer marketing.

Best quote - "The influencer bubble will totally collapse in the next 12 months if people aren’t very careful about the money being thrown around as brands try to buy influencer placement."

kendall jenner

#3 Best Read - 20 Marketing Experts You Should Follow Now

There is a saying, alternately attributed to Buddha Siddhartha Guatama Shakyamuni and the Theosophists, that goes: when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

One of the keys to learning is surrounding oneself with mentors. Crucially, these mentors should be practitioners. Better to follower doers than thinkers, I believe.

This list of 20 marketing experts is a start.

Best quote - "Being a digital marketer today is like building a plane mid-air: requirements are constantly changing, and one can easily feel lost with all the new tools, formats and platforms."

#4 Best Read - How retailers can reach out online while renewing the spirit of the physical marketplace

Here's how to fuse digital and the physical store experiences. This is an inspiring read about the possibilities.

Best quote - "Instead of competing against digital social technology, retailers can put it to work to make in-real-life connections even more compelling – transforming retail into the ultimate social platform."

#5 Best Read - Facebook to reimburse advertisers after new reporting glitch

This year has seen a push for greater transparency of reporting, with major advertisers like Unilever leading the charge.

Kudos to Facebook for admitting this mistake, and doing the right thing.

Best quote - "The social media network has taken measures it believes will offer more transparency clarity and confidence in its metrics, including opening up its metrics to a level of third party verification."

#1 Best Listen - Matthew Fitzgerald of HelloFresh: Experience in direct relationship with customers is our advantage

The mealkit business is booming and there are new players entering the market. How then does HelloFresh differentiate itself?

Matthew Fitzgerald, Vice President Marketing at HelloFresh, provides some insights in this interview.

Best quote - "The shift now is more towards branded content and storytelling."

#2 Best Listen - No One Wants To Be A Middle Manager: Conflict and goals, from the sports arena to the boardroom

Justin Peckett, footballer at St Kilda Football Club, is now part of Leading Teams, an organisation that teaches teamwork through culture, leadership and development programs.

In this interview, Peckett discusses the importance of organisations finding their own trademark, and owning their signature. 

Best quote - "What do you stand for? How do you want to be described by your competitors, your fans?"

#3 Best Listen - The 4 Magic Questions to Monetise and Re-Engage Your Audience

Richard Linder, Co-Founder and President of Digital Marketer, explains how to turn leads and subscribers into buyers and raving fans - leading the customer journey towards a sale.

Best quote - "This isn't about email. This is about follow up conversations. If you're doing email correctly, it's a conversation."

richard linder

#4 Best Listen - 3 Key Components of Direct Response Marketing 

In this interview from the I Love Marketing podcast, direct marketing expert MaryEllen Tribby walks through the fundamentals. Highlights include:

  • How Direct Response Marketing compares to Branding (and which one you want to focus on);
  • Direct Response Marketing Channels you can be using;
  • The 3 Components of Every Direct Response Marketing Campaign:
  • The biggest myths about the copy, offer, and list – and the most important to focus on;
  • The 60:30:10 Rule and why you don’t sell lingerie to lumberjacks;
  • Why Buying Your Way In helps you build a long term sustainable business;
  • The difference between an email and direct mail data card – and what to look for;
  • Why split testing your creative is important in your campaigns; and
  • The strategy you can put in place to engage your audience.

Best quote - "If you don't have a direct marketing expert at your company, you are leaving tonnes of money on the table."

#5 Best Listen - Airbnb and the art of resilience - how a flexible strategy and strong perseverance built a $30B company

The path to success of Airbnb was not clear, as co-founders Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky reveal in this panel interview with Tony Robbins.

This is an inspiring story about resilience, hard work and being flexible enough to finding the tipping point.

Best quote - "It was the opposite of build it and they will come. It took many years."


How brand, not price, will win the Amazon war

How brand, not price, will win the Amazon war

The best bits for your brain: this week's top 5 reads & listens - episode 13

The best bits for your brain: this week's top 5 reads & listens - episode 13