The best bits for your brain: this week's top 5 reads & listens - episode 12

The best bits for your brain: this week's top 5 reads & listens - episode 12

Around the interwebs and across the audiosphere, here's this week's most delicious content. Shortcut your way to creating successful habits, learn practical marketing tips and more.

#1 Best Read - How Elon Musk learns faster and better than everyone else

Debunking the jack of all trades myth, Michael Simmons from Quartz writes that among Elon Musk's gifts, the tech billionaire has mastered how to to learn from outside his industry.

Best quote - "Based on my review of Musk’s life and the academic literature related to learning and expertise, I’m convinced that we should all learn across multiple fields in order to increase our odds of breakthrough success."

#2 Best Read - How I Let Disney Track My Every Move

Here's how a Disney experience is enhanced or invaded, depending on your perspective with surveillance data tracking wearables.

This is Black Mirror territory!

Best quote - "Amusement Parks and cruise ships are increasingly incorporating connected wearables in order to streamline the fun and keep track of their guests’ activities...The company actively recruits mathematicians to examine patterns related to everything from food consumption to the schedules of costumed characters roaming the parks."

Image credit - Gizmodo

Image credit - Gizmodo

#3 Best Read - Trump's chief data scientist reveals the data approach that won an election

The election of Trump was a result few so coming. Driving the campaign was a sophisticated data strategy, lead by Matt Oczkowski from Cambridge Analytica.

Best quote - "More than half the total digital dollars spent on media by the Trump campaign was on Facebook alone."

Matt Oczkowski, Cambridge Analytica. Image credit -

Matt Oczkowski, Cambridge Analytica. Image credit -

#4 Best Read - Woolworths uses data to build Amazon-proof fence

I've written how brand is a cornerstone strategy to building a competitive advantage.

The other key, is getting your digital plumbing set up. More specifically, owning and leveraging customer data. This article reveals how Woolworths are fortifying its business against the arrival of Amazon.

Best quote - "Our core priority is to be focused on our customers and when our focus is on them … you automatically protect yourself against any new entrant."

#5 Best Read - How brand, not price, will win the Amazon war

In this article published by AdNews Australia, I present my thoughts on the arrival of Amazon and how Australian retailers can win.

Best quote - "Change breeds fear but it also breeds innovation and opportunity." 

#1 Best Listen - Digiday Deep Dive: Google’s ad blocker move smacks of hypocrisy

Google is building an ad blocker for Chrome. What's the agenda behind the agenda? What's really going on?

This article explores the options.

Best quote - "It has all advertising that it has to sell, it also has publishers. It has to keep the user experience healthy so people will continue to use it. It’s going to look good to users and friend to a publishers. But Google makes the vast majority of its revenue from search. How much of Google’s ad blocker going to hurt Google?"

#2 Best Listen - Marketing School - How Small Businesses Can Get Started with PR Without Hiring an Agency

There are many ways to generate PR for your business, without relying on a hit and miss (and expensive) agency.

This episode is packed with actionable and cheap PR tips.

#3 Best Listen - The Tony Robbins Podcast - The Ultimate Customer Experience - Warby Parker Co-Founder Neil Blumenthal On Giving Customers Everything They Didn’t Know They Need

Founded in 2010, Warby Parker is an American brand, selling prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses.

In this episode, Tony Robbins interviews co-founder Neil Blumenthal - who reveals the strategies he used to build a billion dollar business. 

Best quote - "The best businesses solve real problems."

#4 Best Listen - BBC Radio - Long Road to Change

In the digital age, how has activism changed? This episode explores the upside and downside of how technology can galvanise action, or not galvanise anything.

Best quote - "People see themselves as activists if they're click to sign a petition, or if they're retweeting something."

#5 Best Listen - Entrepreneurship Keynote | Gary Vaynerchuk at USC 2015

Gary Vaynerchuk's success has been built old fashioned hard way. Born in Belarus and a self confessed school flunk, Vaynerchuk says he has worked 19 hours a day for the last 20 years.

In this keynote to university students, Vaynerchuk's topics include the mistakes of modelling leadership style on Steve Jobs and why you should bet on your strengths,

Rereleased as a podcast episode on The Gary Vee Audio Experience, this keynote to USC students is available also on YouTube (below).

Best quote - "The number one asset to everyone in the world is time. And if you can figure out a way to buy and sell it back, that's a big coup."


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