The best bits for your brain: this week's top 5 reads & listens - episode 16

The best bits for your brain: this week's top 5 reads & listens - episode 16

Around the interwebs and across the audiosphere, here's this week's most delicious content. Shortcut your way to creating successful habits, learn practical marketing tips and more.

#1 Best Read - Amazon’s NFL Deal Includes $30 Million in Free Marketing

A useful rule-of-thumb of what's next is to follow the movements in US of media and tech.

While Twitter already has a streaming deal with the NFL, Amazon recently beat Facebook and Google to win the rights for Thursday night football.

This article highlights the shift away from the linear TV model. Today's consumers are multi-device, mobile and social.

Best quote - "The e-commerce giant won the rights to the games earlier this month by agreeing to pay the National Football League $50 million, about five times what Twitter Inc. spent last season.

#2 Best Read - OMA outdoor report: More brands, more inventory, more spend

Advertising revenue is growing rapidly, according to this article by AdNews and the Outdoor Media Association (OMA) 2016 annual report.

What's driving this is an increase in digital inventory and more static billboards continue to convert to digital.

Best quote - "Spending across the market has become fragmented as opposed to bigger brands dominating."

mage credit:

mage credit:

#3 Best Read - How L’Oreal uses virtual reality to make internal decisions at its New York HQ

VR hasn't bound into living room entertainment, like many tech experts prophesised three years ago.

But business is still exploring its potential in engaging consumers, in this article by Digiday. L'Oreal is putting its tech chips on the table, exploring the potential of its Beauty Lab.

Best quote - "In beauty, brands are developing augmented reality tools, VR’s close relative, at a breakneck speed to mimic the process of trying on makeup. But it’s still yet to be shown that this technology can have a real impact on sales."

Beauty meets high tech, L'Oreal's Beauty Lab. Image credit -

Beauty meets high tech, L'Oreal's Beauty Lab. Image credit -

#4 Best Read - Past masters: the power of nostalgic marketing

Brands are drawing inspiration from the past to unlock new opportunities in the future, writes Rob Grant in Marketing Mag.

It's the rose tinted effect. And for brands like Arnotts, Audi and Aussie Home Loans, it works.

Best quote - "Now, in our uncertain times, nostalgia- fuelled marketing is more popular than ever. Nostalgic marketing taps into two consumer needs that overlap but are subtly different: a yearning for a time past and the fondness attached to personal childhood memories."

#5 Best Read - Time runs out for the 30-second television ad

On the subject of the future of TV advertising, the verdict depends on who you talk to. The creatives have their self-interest. So too are those convinced that the web has already won the war for the advertising dollar.

Following the recent Cannes Lions, the advertising industry’s annual festival, there are big questions to grapple, as John Gapper writes in this article for the Financial Times

Best quote - "...the chaos at the intersection of marketing, technology and advertising giving [everyone] sleepless nights."

#5 Best Read - Instagram to 'bring transparency' to influencer marketing

Everyday human microinfluencers and bigger time Instagram influencers have copped criticism about their disclosure of paid endorsements.

Now Instagram is clearing the blurry lines, with greater transparency, as reported by AdNews.

Best quote - "Instagram has unveiled a number of new features that will allow influencers to clearly disclose when they have been paid to post content and share campaign metrics directly with brands, in a move to “increase transparency across the board."

#1 Best Listen - The Economist - Has Silicon Valley become too powerful?

What are the dangers of a monopolised internet by giant tech companies? This is a timely question, particularly when it was announced recently that Facebook and Google command 75% of online advertising,

Best quote - "This is a problem for democracy."

2 Best Listen - PNR: This Old Marketing  The New York Times Shows That Email Is the Next Best Thing

Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose from The Content Marketing Institute describe how The New York Times have created an effective email strategy from a market characterised by rising skepticism and distrust.

It underscores the significance of owned data and owned channels. By building an audience on your own properties, not the rental pay-to-play options on social, your enable direct and better controlled customer engagement.

Best quote - "Emails subscribers are two times more likely to become paid subscribers - you've got to get serious about email newsletters."

#3 Best Listen - I Love Marketing - How to Generate Relevant and Consistent Leads by Nicholas Kusmich

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Nicholas Kusmich in this episode:

  • How to Generate Relevant and Consistent Leads: The 4 M’s That Can Transform Your Business
  • Lessons from a marketing campaign that generated 470,137 leads and over $3.2 million
  • The Desirability Matrix: A simple method for creating valuable, highly desirable, easy to consume products and services
  • Nick shares how to get your message in front of your ideal customer for pennies on the dollar
  • S.A.G.E: Use this 4-part strategy to excite your customers and help them make more progress towards their goals
  • The 2 golden rules for marketing effectively online (Violate these two rules and almost nothing you do online will work)
  • M _ _ _ _ _: One of the best ways to connect and engage with your audience while building and growing your mission, cause and/or business

Best quote - "It's better to be the flame than the moth."

#4 Best Listen - The Australian's No One Wants to be a Middle Manager - an interview with Swisse's Radek Sali

The CEO of Swisse Wellness explains the brutality of honest feedback, and why it's vital in good leadership.

Best quote - "Feedback is a gift."

#5 Best Listen - Marketing Crunch - Integrating your offline and online marketing with tradgital

businessDEPOT's Tyson Cobb interviews Tanya Williams, COE (Chief of Everything) at Digital Conversations about how to leverage traditional and digital marketing to attract more customers and get more value from marketing dollars.

Best quote - "What you do online directly impacts your offline reputation."


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