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A seasoned marketer with over 16 years experience, I have a proven track record. That's a record driven from a passion for results and being fanatical about digital and data. I solve problems and deliver multi-channel solutions.


Namit Trivedi, Director at Backoffis

"Edward's approach is results focused. He has an excellent knowledge of digital and traditional marketing channels. Edward has the rare ability of working with senior management to execute modest marketing budgets. His firm yet collaborative approach to lead a team bears results as he plays by the same rules that he has set up and leads by example."

Dario Paolini, Marketing Manager Australasia IDP Education Ltd

"Edward has been one of those clients you wish your entire business could be made up of. Thorough, an excellent communicator, dynamic and professional at all times, I have truly enjoyed working with Edward."

Adam Nelson, Marketing Manager at

 "Edward was instrumental in the revival of the Zupps brand throughout the Queensland retail automotive market. Edward is a highly analytical operator whose ability to be level headed when put under pressure is astounding. His results focused approach had ensured all marketing spend was achieving a consistent ROI from month to month. Edward effectively managed to spearhead Zupps marketing communications through to record breaking sales achievements." 

Tristan Lymbery, Digital Architecture at Domino's

"I'm impressed by Edward's unique thinking and marketing strategy design - it's always how we did it doesn't fly in today's digital world and Edward has a competent grasp of how to move forward."

Ricky Kuruppu, Social Media Coordinator at beyondblue

"Edward's management and guidance has definitely furthered my professional development. I see Edward as a mentor. Highly experienced across of rage of industries, he has a lot to offer."