My focus is marketing with a scoreboard.

I am an award winning senior marketing manager, with over 16 years experience across many industries. 

I deliver outcomes that will drive your business forward. 

Areas of expertise:

  • Sales driven with analytical ROI focus;
  • Strong working knowledge in end to end marketing campaign development across multiple channels – creating, implementing and booking advertising on radio, TV, magazines, newspapers and digital; 
  • Direct marketing specialist – creating direct response advertising, digital marketing strategy, including social media and direct mail campaigns; 
  • Media liaison and media agencies experience; 
  • Local area marketing across capital city and regional Australia;
  • Strong retail background with sales revenue;
  • Management of high profile big budget integrated marketing campaigns, as well as smaller projects on limited budgets; and
  • Rebranding and product positioning experience. 

Key career achievements:

  • Won two prestigious national marketing awards for producing highest sales revenue in Australia; 

  • Executed a digital marketing campaign in August 2015, which produced a record breaking sale result for the company. 
    This campaign integrated YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Google Adwords, remarketing and a sophisticated eDM programme;

  • Implemented new SEM programme resulting in 20% increase in web traffic;
  • Doubled unique website visitation in nine months - from 12,000 to 25,000 visitors per month;
  • Implemented a new customer Digital Reputation Management programme;
  • In 2014, increased sales by 6% last FY, with only a 1% increase in marketing expenditure;
  • Reduced cost per sale by 37%, resulting in greater ROI, saving the company $240K annually;
  • Managed Mater Foundation sponsorship event with Holden, a charity event attended by 1000+, raising over $300K;
  • Created a culture of innovation in the marketing team. This improved staff  retention and higher performance; and
  • Implemented new reporting processes, which improved measurability and accountability of marketing activity.



Namit Trivedi, Director at Backoffis

"Edward's approach is results focused. He has an excellent knowledge of digital and traditional marketing channels. Edward has the rare ability of working with senior management to execute modest marketing budgets. His firm yet collaborative approach to lead a team bears results as he plays by the same rules that he has set up and leads by example."

Ricky Kuruppu, Social Media Coordinator at beyondblue

"I had the pleasure of working under Edward. I achieved several success in my role under Edward. His management and guidance has definitely furthered my professional development. I now see Edward as a mentor."

Dario Paolini, Marketing Manager, Australasia at IDP Education Ltd

"Edward has been one of those clients you wish your entire business could be made up of. Thorough, an excellent communicator, dynamic and professional at all times, I have truly enjoyed working with Edward. I witnessed first hand the positive results Edward effected on the company's marketing and communications." 

Tristan Lymbery, Digital architecture, Domino's

"I'm impressed by Edward's unique thinking and marketing strategy design; "it's always how we did it" doesn't fly in today's digital world. Edward has a competent grasp of how to move forward."